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We carry out written transaltions on diverse subject matter, as well as of other types of documents 

We carry out translations from/into different foreign languages:


а) of texts containing:

– commercial-economical information (different types of contracts, agreements, commercial proposals, etc);

– technical information* (instructions on usage of equipment, aggregates, household appliances, tools, etc.);

– chemical –biological information (for example, the composition and use of different substances, preparations, etc.);

– information of scientific and educational character (scientific and literary articles, extracts, brochures, books, etc.);

– juridical information** (different kinds of certificates, procuracy, extracts from legislation, decisions of judicial instances, etc.);

– medical information (medical certificates, extracts, issued by different medical institutions, extracts from articles, guides, etc.);

-accountancy documents (accts, juridical persons’ balance)

– information of educational character (course and diploma papers, official reports on professional activity, etc..).

b) of documents:

– with standard character** (birth certificate, death certificate, certificate of marriage, identity certificates, on civil status, passports, diplomas, attestations, etc.);

– containing official information (documents for state authorities, inclusively those that need a corresponding authentification with relevant signatures and firm stamp).

While carrying up the translation of different complexity and thematic we always listen to your desires what concerns the style, drawing up and, the most important, the terminology of the translated document.

If necessary, in order to offer a juridical force to the document translated, we can suggest  you the legal authorization or confirmation with the translator’s signature and stamp, as well as with our firm’s stamp.

* at the wish of the client the document is drawn up in a corresponding manner (for example, as a brochure in one/several foreign languages, with introduction of proper pictures, sketches, graphics maximum close to the original).

** we carry out the notary authentification of the corresponding documents in conformity with legislation with the help of notaries active in RM.